Monday, August 6, 2012

Diablo 3 - Special Snowflakes and Beyond

This list contains information on all the rare creatures used in the following Diablo 3 achievements:
  • Never Seen That Before
  • Special Snowflakes
  • A Unique Collection

I've tried to be consistent in categorizing each rare creature according to the common types, but I'm sure I've misnamed or miscategorized at least a few. Corrects and updates always welcome. This list has (theoretically) been update for Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls and Loot 2.0. You can find more Diablo 3 pages here.

Creature TypeLocation
Ashek Fallen Fighter Black Canyon Mines
Axegrave the Executioner Skeleton Executioner The Keep Depths Level 2
Axgore the Cleaver Phasebeast Core of Arreat
Bashface the Truncheon Demon Warrior Stonefort
Belagg Pierceflesh Skeleton Archer The Keep Depths Level 3
Bellybloat the Scarred Harvester Cathedral Level 4
Beyatt Fallen Shaman Black Canyon Mines
Blarg the Foul Goatman Warrior The Battlefields, Bridge of Korsikk
Blarg the Imp Dessicated Imp Desolate Sands
Bloodfeather Blood Hawk Desolate Sands
Captain Cage Skeleton Warrior Cathedral Level 2, 4
Captain Dale Skeleton Warrior The Keep Depths Level 1
Charuch the Spear Goatman Ranger Tower of the Damned Level 1
Chiltara Lacuni Stalker Caverns of Frost
Cudgelarm Unburied Cathedral Level 2
Deadgrasp Harbinger of PestilenceThe Battlefields
Demonika the Wicked Succubus Tower of the Damned Level 1
Direclaw the Demonflyer Flying Demon Rakkis Crossing
Dreadclaw the Leaper Burrowing Leaper Fields of Misery
Drury Brown Ghostly Murderer Defiled Crypt
Ebenezer Samuel Deceased Scribe Old Tristram Road, Mass Grave
Fecklar's Ghost Enraged Phantom The Festering Woods
Firestarter Carrion Bat Cathedral Level 2
Gart the Mad Fallen Overlord Howling Plateau
Gholash Brute / Ghoul Tower of the Damned Level 1
Gormungandr Rock Worm Arreat Crater
Gorog the Bruiser Golgor Core of Arreat
Grimnight the Soulless Nightmare Silver Spire Level 2
Growlfang Hellhound Skycrown Battlements
Gugyn the Gauntlet Demonic Tremor Keep Depths Level 3
Haures Nightmare Silver Spire Level 2
Haxxor Phasebeast Tower of the Cursed Level 2
Hazzor the Viper Serpent Demon Sewers of Caldeum
Hellscream Demon Bat? The Unknown Depths
High Cultist Murdos Cultist Alcarnus
Hyrug the Malformed Khazra Tower of the Cursed level 1
Jezeb the Conjuror Dark Summoner Leoric's Manor
Khatun Armored Destroyer Gardens of Hope 1st Tier
Kysindra the Wretched Succubus Silver Spire Level 1
Logrut the Warrior Goatman Fighter Highland Crossing, Southern Highlands
Lorzak the Powerful Goatman Shaman Southern Highlands
Lucious the Depraved Grave Robber Cemetary of the Forsaken
Lummock the Brute Fallen Brute Skycrown Battlements, Rakkis Crossing
Mage Lord Caustus Guardian The Storm Halls
Mage Lord Flaydren Guardian The Unkown Depths
Mage Lord Ghuyan Guardian The Storm Halls
Mage Lord Skomara Guardian Storm Halls
Mange Scavenger The Weeping Hollow
Marchocyas Winged Horror Skycrown Battlements
Mehshak the Abomination Accursed The Battlefields
Merrium Skullthorn Skeletal Fighter Cathedral Level 2
Otzi the Cursed Accursed Eastern Channel
Pyres the Damned Currupted Angel Silver Spire Level 1
Qurash the Reviled Large Spider Caverns of Araneae
Ragus Grimlow Grotesque Cathedral Level 1
Raiha the Vicious Lacuni Desolate Sands
Rathlin the Widowmaker Arachnid Horror Caverns of Araneae
Razormouth Sand Thresher Black Canyon Mines
Red Rock Savage Beast Southern Highlands
Rhau'Kye Morlu Incinerator Silver Spire Level 2
Riplash Soul Ripper Tower of the Damned Level 2
Saha the Slasher Lacuni Stalker Howling Plateau
Sammash Berserker Alcarnus
Sao'Thall Morlu Incinerator Silver Spire Level 2
Sarella the Vile Cultist Leoric's Manor Courtyard
Severclaw Tormented Stinger Arreat Crater
Shandra'Har Khazra Mage Rakkis Crossing
Shondar the Invoker Dark Summoner Alcarnus
Slarg the Behemoth Hellbeast Silver Spire Level 1
Stinging Death Swarm Stinging Swarm Eastern Channel
The Archivist Dark Lorekeeper The Unknown Depths
The Crusher Demon Warrior The Keep Depths Level 2
Thornback Quillfiend The Keep Depths Level 1
Thrum Sand Behemoth Realm of Shadow
Torchlighter Oppressor Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier
Torsar Dune Dervish Dahlgur Oasis
Venimite Small Spider Caverns of Araneae
Veshan the Fierce Subjugator Gardens of Hope 1st Tier
Vicious Gray Turkey Demonic Tremor The Keep Depths Level 3
Yakara Serpent Demon Eastern Channel
Yeth Summoned Hound Road to Alcarnus
Zhelobb the Venomous Large Spider Caverns of Araneae

Special thanks to the following sources for various tidbits and pieces of information in the above list.

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