Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Random Tables - Update

I've been adding more tables to the random stuff generator. I figured it was time for a full listing of what's there. Most of these are pretty complete. The ones in need of the most work are the demonic creatures generator and the modern residences generator. Here's the full listing:

  • Modern Vehicles - Cars, motorcycles, trucks, and various oddball things you might see on the highway. There are generators available for individual vehicle categories or a random selection from all types.
  • Modern Residences - Brief descriptions of houses, apartments, condos, and other homes. Each includes a few notes about the interior, exterior, and / or locale. Useful for on the fly scene setup.
  • Demonic Creatures - Nasty beasts with fangs and fish heads and tentacles and... well you get the picture. Just descriptions for now.
  • Dungeon Doors - Doors, complete with locks and traps.
  • Dungeon Junk - Random bits and pieces of garbage to give some color to that empty room.
  • Dungeon Noises - An assortment of random creaks, groans, and squeaks. What was that?
  • Card Hands - Sets of four five- and seven-card hands dealt from a standard deck of playing cards.

More to come.

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