Saturday, April 14, 2012

Minecraft: Build Mode

  • Greenhouse: Check
  • Wolf named Sarge: Check
  • Giant torch beacon: Check
  • Base blown up by a creeper: Check

Oops. I guess I should have shut the door leading up from the caves. I came back to my hole in the wall and kind of got blown up. Lesson learned.

Good news! The first small crop of wheat is harvested and I've made my first loaf of bread. Between the farm starting up and the pack-o-steaks, I'm OK for food right now. I've done some work on the greenhouse, finishing off the roof, and building a bridge leading to the door. With that in place I decided to start layout out a boardwalk style path back home too.
But more importantly than all that, I now have a full iron-man suit. Now I can do some roaming without worrying too much about hostiles. With Sarge in tow, tomorrow morning I'm going to set off on a bit of a jaunt around the nearby area to see what I can find.
Insert witty Black Sabbath line here.
The first exploration jaunt is... mixed. It's raining so I decide to go for a short hike dawn-ward, setting out trail markers as I go. Sarge at my side, I make good time, and quickly find a nice herd of sheep that sacrifice themselves in the cause of wool. I can finally make a bed!
Trail markers, a pillar with one torch on top and a second pointing home.
After obtaining some wool, I found a huge swamp full of brown mushrooms and an array of wildlife.
There's wildlife, honestly!
A bit longer and I decide I really hate exploring in the rain. I start back, but it's too late: night is falling. The monsters come out, and it's a race for home.
Spiders and Zombies and Skeletons, Oh my!
It quickly became apparent that I was not going to make it home in one piece, so I ducked into a little alcove I had marked earlier. A few quick blocks stuffed into the opening gave me enough cover to fight off the pursuing horde. Sadly, Sarge was not so lucky. His aggressive combat style was his downfall.
After Sarge's funeral, it's a quick trip to the greenhouse to check on things, then time to unload my pack, make a bed, and get some sleep. It's been a long day. Next up: I think it's time to start thinking about a more permanent place to live.

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