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Anamika - The River Guardian

Anamika is the river primordial my players encountered during the last session of our Daruna campaign (so keep out guys). The stat block that follows is for my own class free version of D&D, but adapting it to other flavors is pretty trivial.

In Daruna the chief deity, Daru, created the primordials and made them the caretakers of the world (Daru is pretty lazy for an all powerful god). There are greater and lesser primordials, Anamika is somewhere in the middle, watching over the ebb and flow of the Chungal River south of Shalish, one of the largest cities in the region.


Anamika is a river spirit Primordial of the Chungal River, focused on the territory upstream of the Chungal River Ferry. There is an ancient altar dedicated to this spirit at Green Stone Spire.

Anamika has the form of a 60 foot long green serpent with a fish-like head surrounded by deep red gills. The spirit's mouth is a gaping over-sized maw lined with row upon row of needle-like black teeth. Six arms sprout from its body below the head, each ending in a massive webbed and clawed hand. Anamika's back and flanks are decorated with long, flowing red fins that have spines and barbs allowing them to serve as crude limbs. Anamika swims with great speed, and can slither/walk on land as fast as a man can move.

Despite its fierce appearance, Anamika is a peaceful guardian spirit, smoothing the waters of the Chungal River and protecting its people, the Serpent Folk of the nearby swamp.

Anamika is able to summon servant creatures, the Akinak and the Lobha when there is trouble within its domain. There are effectively an infinite number of these lesser creatures available.

HP: 250 AC: 22 BAB: 10 Damage: 6x 1d6 19-20 2x claw, 3d6 20 3x tail lash
  • Saves: Fo: 16 Re: 12 Wi: 14
  • Size: Huge
  • Move: walk 5, swim 16
  • Reach: 3
  • Critical claw: Clawed Grasp - target held 3 claw attacks at +3 BAB next round.
  • Special: Whirling Lash - Full action AoE attack with tail, chance to hit any target within 3 squares, at will
  • Special: Water Spear - After a full round start, leap from the water and fly up to 30 squares, hitting a 2x2 target.
    • Direct damage 6d6, negating up to 8 hardness on structure targets.
    • Land with a great thunderclap creating waves 5-8 feet high, capsizing small vessels.
    • Anyone within 3 squares of landing suffers 2d6 damage and is stunned (Fort DC 14 half damage, save ends stun)
  • Special: Black Depths - As a full action, raise a Black Pillar from the depths (below). Up to 3 can be controlled at once.
  • Psychic link - mental link to all raised Lobha and Akinak.
    • Can communicate through the Lobha via speech.
  • Highly intelligent, capable of speech (Darunite, Lost Kingdom, Serpent Tongue)
  • Stealth 12 (when swimming)
  • Perception 14 (supernatural awareness)
  • Sense Motive 9
  • Priest spell use: 9th level caster 3-2-2 (Base Save DC 15)
    • Boon points: 16
    • Water: Wave, Greater Wave, Water Breathing, Drowning Bubble
    • Purification: Purify food/water, Purge curse, Cure Poison, Cure Disease

Black Pillar

An elemental manifestation of water, created by Anamika. It appears as a 15' high pillar of water stained black with mud and debris from the river bottom swirling in endless chaos.

HP: 16 AC: 10 BAB: 6 Damage: 1d6 19-20 2x water lash
  • Size: L 2x2
  • Move: walk 4, swim 8
  • Critical: Engulf foe, target creature begins drowning (DC 12 Reflex to escape)
  • Special: Fear of Water - touch attack, victim suffers a great fear of any open water. -3 action penalty.
    • Will save 1/day DC 12 reduces penalty by 1.
  • Regenerate 2/R while in contact with flowing water.
  • Dissipate after 10 R if not in contact with flowing water.
  • Mindless attacker

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