Wednesday, May 25, 2011


A friend of mine gifted me a copy of Terraria via Steam the other day (thanks Melissa!), and I finally got around to playing around with it a bit this morning.

I've discovered one important fact about this game so far:

Man do I suck at it.
My Lame Start

If you don't know what Terraria is, here's a nickel summary: Minecraft as a side scrolling adventure game. It's following a similar 'develop until we're done' model. Aside from a crash on exit, it's run flawlessly on my slightly aging laptop.

I've only been messing about trying to figure out mechanics and such, but I've died at least five times in the first half hour of play. Terraria seems to have more emphasis on monster bashing and treasure hunting than Minecraft, as I've heard rumors of boss fights and weird events. Haven't seen much of that yet though. Mostly it's been dirt naps due to zombies and evil eyes.

More to come in a followup after I've played a bit more.

Mandatory random text string: TGGZ5XTSE57Y.

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