Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Colony - I Just Do Eyes

Back in the depths, the party decides to secure the gem eyes from the frog-thing statue. There are mutterings about statues coming to life, but we know that can't happen, right?

Start Date: August 25th, morning
Start Status: Swimming Hole
Start Location: ???

Adventuring: Rennard, Jinx, Brigg, Smoke, Zenobe
At the Tulip: Castor, Hagan, Xon, Aaron

The Turn

The initial survey of the area around the portal reveals no immediate threat, so the group members turn their collective attention to... loot. Specifically the fire opals in the frog-like statue in the center of the murky pool. Smoke takes the lead on recovering the gems, which are just out of reach from the edge of the former fountain. Before beginning she makes another circuit of the area, including the alcove/hall to the north, listening at each door. Silence. Next, she heads to the pool. "I don't like the look of this water, but I guess there's not much choice."

"Wait a moment." Rennard pulls out his magical stones, places one over the pool and speaks the word of command. It immediately expands, providing a solid platform above the water for Smoke.

"Nice!" She takes a last look around. Rennard is in the room covering her, and Jinx, Zenobe, and Brigg are out in the hall keeping watch. She hops onto the edge of the fountain, steps out on the stone, and starts working on the prongs that hold the gems in place. The metal is corroded, so it's easy to twist the tines out of the way, and dexterous Smoke slips each into her pouch as she removes it. "These are nice!" she exclaims as she begins work on the sixth stone. That's when she notices the swirling water below her. "Ack!" She leaps off the stone and onto the floor as a writhing snake-like shape lunges out of the water, circular jaws lined with rows of black needle teeth just missing her leg! Before she can react, the thing slithers back into the water and disappears.

"What is it?" calls Jinx from the hall. "You fall in?"

"No, there's a creature in the pool. A big worm or something. Maybe some kind of scavenger. There's not much here to eat." Smoke and Rennard edge closer to the fountain. The water, aside from a few thicker clouds of muck around the stone, is undisturbed, and there's no sign of the beastie. "Let's give it a few minutes, then I'll try again," says Smoke. "Quietly," she adds.

The duo watches the pool for several minutes but nothing happens. Rennard keeps watch with his sword ready while Smoke steps up to the edge of the fountain, then onto the stone. Working fast, she pries away the last metal tine, grabs the gem and leaps off the stone. Rennard speaks the command word and grabs his magical stone. As he does there's a ripple in the water, below, but whatever causes it does not show itself. The paladin claps Smoke on the shoulder. "Nicely done. Let's join the others."

Out in the hall near the stairs, the group gathers to inspect the gems, keeping an eye out for intruders. The stones show good color and are fair sized. "These are worth a pretty penny, I'll wager," says Zenobe. "Keep them safe.

Smoke wraps them in a soft cloth and tucks them deep into her backpack. "Where now?"

"West," answers Brigg, who takes point. The group moves in its usual formation to the cave of statues, which is empty and quiet, aside from the regular dripping of water from the ceiling. After waiting for several minutes, the party continues west, to the double doors at the end of the corridor, leaving Zenobe at the rear to watch the cave. Brigg examines the rusty doors for traps and finds nothing, then gives the pull rings on each a quick tug. They shift and grate against the frame, but it seems it'll take some muscle to open them.

Before noisily opening rusty doors, the group decides to explore the passages that are already open, the caves. They study the muddy floor before advancing, but the dripping water has obscured any tracks (although there are various footprints in the hall leading to/from the cave – no one can recall if they match what was there before).

They advance in standard formation taking the right-hand passage first. All three passages lead to a second rubble-strewn cave. A finished 10-foot wide passage leads east from this chamber, down a short flight of stairs and ends in more rusty double doors. Like the other doors, these are rusty and will require some effort to open (no traps found). A rough passage supported by crude rock pillars leads north. There are two additional statues in the cave. The first is little more than a pillar of rock surrounded by chips and bits. The second shows one of the tall humanoids wearing robes. If you had to guess, you'd say it was a woman. She holds the broken stub of a rod or scepter in one hand. As people check out the area, Rennard, who is looking up the north passage, vanishes, accompanied by a quiet *sploosh*. Jinx spots rippling movement on (in? of?) the floor where the paladin was moments ago. "Oy! Trouble!"

And Rennard's player received a private note:

Rennard finds himself sinking fast through chill, black water. He has no idea what happened. As he was checking out the north hall, the floor just... wasn't there. He can't see a thing, not even the light of his sword, and his armor continues to drag him down.

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