Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Few Bits of Magic

More magic items are always a good thing, right? Here are a few things the party in my Wilds game found during their adventures. I thought I'd already posted these, but I don't see them anywhere. I did write up some of the older items, the Sword of Bees, the Steadyhand Ring, and the Dwarf Kettle a while back. Without further ado, here are three new items that can be used in most any OSR-style game.

The Fang of Bats

The Fang of Bats is a slim brown wand made of an unknown material with a smooth, plastic-like surface. The wand has two uses:
  • Using one charge summons a tiny spy / messenger bat that serves the wielder for four hours. The bat can speak in a high, squeaky voice. It can deliver short messages or follow basic orders and report on what it observes. It's not particularly smart, so the information it gathers is fairly basic. It has no combat abilities.
  • Using two charges summons a 4HD giant vampire bat that fights for the wielder for two turns, following basic mental commands issued by the wand's owner. If the bat kills an enemy, it restores a single charge to the wand. Only one vampire bat can be summoned at a time. 

The vampire bat: 4HD, AC 6 (3 in flight), damage 1d6 (bite), move: 180' (flying)

Healer's Mark

This earring is made from a sizeable golden topaz fitted to a sharp steel stud. Once someone puts it on (by piercing their ear), the earring cannot be removed without a remove curse or dispel magic spell. Any healing spell cast by the wearer will provide the maximum benefit possible, but also cause 1 HP of damage to the caster per spell level of the healing magic cast. For example, a cure light wounds spell that heals 1d6+1 damage will always heal 7 hit points, but cause 1 hit point of damage to the caster.

Mask of Lorkan

This gold and platinum mask is extremely valuable, but it's also enchanted. It is a full-face mask that depicts an androgynous human face with somewhat stern features. When worn the wearer gains the following benefits:
  • All damaging spells cast by the wearer do +1 damage per die.
  • Targets of non-damaging spells suffer a -2 penalty on their saving throws.
  • The wearer gains 60' infravision and can detect secret doors as an elf.
Any sort of spell caster, cleric, druid, magic user, can benefit from the mask. It is sized to fit a human face, but would probably fit most demi-humans too.

Bat image by Gilles San Martin


  1. Where can I find a Mask of Lorkan? I know a guy that could really use one. I was going to throw in a corny, Robin one-liner 'Holy something... Batman, etc' but that comment would never have gotten past the moderation.


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