Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dungeons in Blue: The New Stuff

It's been quiet here since the TPK in the Wilds, and the last Tile of the Week post in the series, at least for now. It's nice to have a posting break, especially since work's been a bit hectic lately.

I took a look at my schedule of releases for 2015 and realized I need to push out some new products if I'm going to make my goal for the year. Here's a quick update on new Dungeons in Blue releases on DriveThruRPG.

I've added three new expansion sets: Set D, Set E and Set F, along with the discount bundle that contains all three. Expansion sets are collections of varied geomorphs that include all the features and tunnel styles available in Dungeons in Blue. You'll find sewers, mines, extra wide corridors and caverns and cross-tile water features in these products. You'll also start seeing tiles that include...

Lava! There are already lava tiles in Dungeons in Blue, but the new Lava Flows geomorph sets add cross-tile lava rivers and lakes that are perfect for a volcanic dungeon or a visit to the plane of fire. Lava Flows One, TwoThree and the discounted Lava Flows Triple Pack kick off this fiery addition to Dungeons in Blue.

Here are a few preview images (one-third scale), to show you what these tiles look like.

Expansion Set E Preview
Lava Flows Two Preview
That's it, for now! Thanks, as always, for reading!

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