Wednesday, April 8, 2015

PBE Games Update

Time for another update on new PBE Games releases. This post covers late March and early April releases. Most of these are Dungeons in Blue related:

  • Mega Tile Eleven is a traditional dungeon complex with a fortified exterior entrance.
  • Mega Tile Twelve depicts a surface location, a small church with outbuildings and a graveyard. It has stairs / passages down too.
  • Mega Tile Thirteen has stairs and passages that link up with Mega Tile Twelve, so you can use the two tiles as a complete dungeon complex.
  • Mega Tile Fourteen is a large cavern cut by several chasms. Walls and drawbridges protect the crossing points.
  • Mega Tile Fifteen shows a watery cave with a few signs of occupation: a dock, a magical circle, and a few boards along the coastline.
  • Mega Tile Five Pack #3 is a discount bundle that includes these five Mega Tiles.
  • Transitions Two is a set of sixteen 50 x 50 foot tiles that show transitions between various corridor and cave types.
  • Sanded is an Uncommon Ground texture that depicts a smooth grainy stone texture.
Here's a look at a few preview images (one-third scale). You can see previews for all these new products on DriveThruRPG or RPGNow.

Mega Tile Twelve preview

Mega Tile Fifteen preview
Transitions Two preview
You may have noticed some rough, pillared passages in the Transitions Two preview. That's a new style of tunnel / chamber I've added to Dungeons in Blue. I use it for new construction and rough mineshafts. I have three sets of tiles in this style Coming Soon (TM). I'll also be putting out some full mixed tile sets in the near future. These expansion sets will make use of all tunnel, cave, and room formats. Again, Coming Soon (TM).

That's it for now. Thanks, as always for reading.

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