Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Small Victories

Nothing to do with my usual gaming subject matter. I've been having on and off issues with my furnace / AC system. Occasionally the blower just doesn't start or cuts off, despite the fact that the thermostat says it should be running. I'd go in, pop the cover and it'd kick back on. It was so intermittent that I knew calling a tech out was useless, since it would work perfectly while they were here, then cut off 10 minutes after they left.

Coming home last night to an 85 degree house was the last straw. I decided to investigate. Cut the power at the main box and popped the cover off the main power switch. HA! The switch housing was cracked, because idiot installer had forced too-heavy gauge wire into the feed holes. A quick trip to Menard's for a new switch, and five minutes with a screwdriver later, all is back together. FLAWLESS VICTORY!

Sometimes I really miss working with actual, physical objects instead of digital data.

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