Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blade of Reflection

The Blade of Reflection is a long, broad-bladed bastard sword. It is fitted with an unadorned, straight guard of blueish steel and a pommel of the same material. The grip is rough black leather wrapped with copper wire. The blade is fashioned from an unknown material, a substance that appears to be pure, polished silver, but rings like fine crystal when tapped. The Blade's cross-section is a flattened hexagon, and its edges never show any sign of wear or damage. The weapon is about 55 inches from tip to pommel.

The Blade radiates Superb protection and alteration magic. A Great test of divination will reveal the weapon's magical properties, and the key phrase required to activate its primary power. The Blade has the following characteristics when wielded:

  • Provides a Fair offensive combat bonus to the wielder.
  • Negates up to three ranks of any foe's magical or mundane damage resistance.
  • Surrounds the wielder in a five-foot radius Sphere of Resistance that grants a Good resistance bonus to all magical effects, including spells that do not normally require resistance checks.
  • Once per day, the wielder can speak the weapon's key phrase, activating its Spell Reflection power (below).
Spell Reflection
This power changes the Sphere of Resistance that normally surrounds the wielder into a Sphere of Reflection. The altered sphere expands to a ten-foot radius, and lasts three rounds. Any directed spell targeting an object or person within the sphere is reflected back in the direction of the caster. If the spell's range is sufficient to reach its new target, it strikes normally, subjecting the caster to its effects.

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