Thursday, March 8, 2012

Magic Item: The Sun Globe

This magical object is a three-inch globe of polished amber, shot through with twisting veins of some deep blue stone. It emits a faint radiance at all times, and once its secret is unlocked it can be commanded to do any of the following:

  • Emit bright golden light equivalent to sunlight in a 12 square radius. At will.
  • If released while lit the globe will hover in the air, slowly moving to keep within 3 squares of its owner. It has the following attributes:
    • Flying movement 3.
    • A successful attack vs. AC 14 will knock it to the ground. It goes out if this occurs.
  • Once per day emit a blinding flash of white light that covers a 12 square radius which:
    • Blinds - Reflex DC 16 to avoid effect, DC 8 if warned
    • Fort DC 16 ends blindness
    • Inflicts 1d6 damage on undead within the area of effect
This is one of the magic items found by the group in my Daruna game. Unfortunately they don't know what it does / how to use it yet, since they broke time and don't have access to a means of magic identification.

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