Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Introduction posts are lame, but I guess they're necessary. How else are readers going to figure out what a blog is about? This is the third blog I've started writing. The other two, both inactive, were pretty specific; a fact that lead to their eventual end. The RPG Dumping Ground was an "RPG thing a day" project. The vast majority of the posts were descriptions of items, spells or encounters for pen and paper RPGs. Allods - A League Perspective was driven by a specific MMO, and is primarily game guides. Both blogs died when my interests moved away from the specific subject matter they were focused on.

This blog has a broader scope. I'm going to write primarily about games, both traditional RPGs (D&D and others) and computer games. I play both so why not? I will also diverge into other media from time to time: movies, books, TV, and social media are all potential fair game. Lastly I may write the occasional note about other things I do for entertainment, food, drink, enjoying the great outdoors and technology are all on the table.

Let me start with the main focus though. Here are the three or four things I'll be writing about most in the short term:
  • Moria - A pen and paper D&D campaign I wrote about on the RPG Dumping Ground. The game is now over, but I'm going to write at least a wrap up article about it.
  • Eve Online - An MMO focused on internet space ships. I've been playing this off and on for a couple years now.
  • Minecraft - I've been sucked into this in a big way.
  • Stars - A play-by-post RPG I'm running using a hybrid Traveller / FUDGE system.
I'm planning on a two to three articles a week pace, but how often I write will reflect what I have to write about, and that will be determined on what I'm doing. I will make heavy use of the label system in Blogger to keep various topics organized, so if you're only interested in one kind of articles, it should be fairly easy to stay on target. Hope you'll stick around.

The TL;DR version: Games and other stuff I find entertaining.

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